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New England Cupboard is a specialty food mix manufacturer and distributor located in Bangor, Maine. Today the New England Cupboard line of products include our long-establish baking goods, as well as a quality assortment of baking mixes, spice rubs, and dips. All of our baking mixes are produced here at our own nut-free facility.

New England Cupboard was founded in 1995 and is currently owned and operated by Jim Collins, of Hampden, Maine. Throughout the life of New England Cupboard, each owner including Jim Collins has practiced a similar vision - a vision of:

  • building upon our fine product line of specialty food items.
  • expanding distribution to customers across America and beyond.
  • maintaining production locally from our facilities in the Greater Bangor Area.

New England Cupboard has grown to include several fine Maine product families, including the Bakewell Cream line, Winterport Company dips and mixes, and Jimbo’s Spice Rubs.

Bakewell Cream has been a staple in the cupboards of Maine families for generations. This unique leavening agent (thickening agent) was created during wartime shortages in the 1940's as a substitute for Cream of Tartar. Its creator, Byron Smith, of Bangor, Maine, named his mixture "Bakewell" because he found that it did just that - bake well! The Bakewell Cream business was purchased by Apple Ledge Company in 1987, and subsequently purchased by New England Cupboard in 2004.

The Winterport Company began in the home kitchen of a family in Winterport, Maine. They offered uniquely flavored dip mixes, cookie mixes, and popover mixes that proved both tasty and popular. As popularity increased, they outgrew their kitchen operation and eventually sold the business to New England Cupboard.

Jimbo’s Spice Rubs, founded by Jim Collins, began as a home-based business located in Hampden, Maine. Jimbo’s tasty array of dry spice rubs are all natural, have no MSG, and are low in sodium. They are easy to prepare and offer a sizzling taste sensation, with flavor that far surpasses ordinary marinades. As product line took off, New England Cupboard began handling the distribution for Jimbo’s Spice Rubs.

"I grew up in a family of six and enjoyed home cooking every day. As we've transitioned through periods of TV dinners, fast food, and microwave entrees, I have grown to appreciate home-cooking more, and more every day.

New England Cupboard owner Jim Collins

With today's busy schedules, many families feel they don't have time to bake from scratch. Our mixes are specifically created from all-natural, pure ingredients for the every-day individual who wants to bake wholesome breakfast, snack, and dessert items that they can prepare quickly and feel good about.

For families trying to save a little more, our Bakewell Cream line allows them to stretch their dollar and do just that. They can use classic Bakewell recipes for baking or substitute Bakewell Cream for baking powder in their own family recipes.

All of us at New England Cupboard hope you enjoy our fine line of products. The greatest compliment you can give us is to share your creations in good health with family and friends. And share your stories with us and the rest of your friends and family."

All our best, -- Jim Collins


New England Cupboard is a Member of Maine Made.Where to Buy Our Products

We sell Bakewell Cream to the Hannaford, Shaws, and IGA stores throughout New England. It is also sold by The Bakers Catalogue, in several locations in Bar Harbor, Maine, and at the Zesty Gourmet in Camden, Maine.


New England Cupboard / Winterport Co.

Home of the Original Bakewell Cream

New England Cupboard is a Nut-Free Facility.

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